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We are a design, build, and remodeling company located in La Mesa, California. We specialize in building and redesigning your home to fit your wants and needs. Aging in place has become a huge part of our business as well, making homes more accessible for all of us in our advancing years.

We love the San Diego Area and service it with pride. What we offer we guarantee.
We are committed to excellent customer service, reasonable timelines and quality craftsmanship. We hope that in searching through this site, you discover that what we have to offer is exactly what you are looking for. Thank you from all of us at DM Hultenius Corporation. We are honored that you have chosen to consider us for your construction needs.

Mission Statement

DM Hultenius' mission is to be dedicated to superior service, reasonable timelines and quality craftsmanship. We are builders seeking clients who share in value and excellence. We stand for quality, integrity, professionalism and honesty in all aspects of business.

Dave Hultenius

Dave Hultenius- President

David Hultenius started in the building industry in the early 70's as an Apprentice in the San Diego Carpenter's Union. Working his way up as a Journeyman to a Foreman then to a Coordination Superintendent and finally into General Construction in 1980. Today he is the President of DM Hultenius Corporation.

Derek Hultenius

Derek Hultenius- Vice President

Derek Hultenius joined the DM Hultenius Corporation in 2000.
His career in the Design and Build Industry started at a younger age then most people. He started working summer's with his dad
at the age of 13. He continued to work summers throughout his time
at school and then completed his first custom home at the age of 20. With the experience and knowledge he has obtained he has built many custom homes since then, including a number of them that were lost in Fire Storm 2003.

DM Hultenius Corporation Phone: 619.303.6140 or use our contact form